raccoon in trash

Warner Robins GA Animal Removal

Humane animal removal services in Warner Robins and Middle Georgia

raccoon in trash

Leave animal control the pros in the Warner Robins area

Wild animals can become a major nuisance when they take up residence in or around your home. They can wreck your lawn, burrow into your attic, and tear up insulation in your walls (not to mention the mess and smell).

You may think that this one is a do-it-yourself job, but getting rid of unwanted pests can be difficult and potentially dangerous. Here’s how we do it in Middle Georgia:

INSPECTION: Get a free inspection ASAP from one of our wildlife experts to determine the scope of your critter trouble.

PLANNING: Let us come up with a solution to your pest problem and get it done right the first time.

TRAPPING: Humane traps are set by our professionals to catch animals without harming them.

RELOCATION: Animals that are caught in our traps are relocated to a safe location far from your home.

CLEAN UP: The mess left behind by your unwanted guest can be unsanitary and potentially dangerous, but we’ve got the tools to disinfect and restore your home.

PREVENTION: Our knowledge and experience goes to work to keep unwanted guests from coming back.

So, don’t wait ’till they’ve made a bigger mess. Call our Warner Robins office to schedule your animal removal today.