Animal Exclusion Services

We don’t just remove animals from your home, we keep them from coming back.


Whenever you have unwanted wildlife on your property, you don’t just want them to move out; you want them to stay out. Here are some of the common entry points that we are equipped to close off for good, so they won’t come back:

 – Attic Vents : Your attic has vent holes under the eaves and at the ridge of the roof in order to help regulate the temperature up there. These holes are great places for small rodents to sneak in.

 – Wall Vents : You know that hole in the side of your house where the dryer exhausts to? Well, animals love to climb in there.

 – Plumbing Mats : On your roof, there are ventillation pipes for your plumbing system. And in order to seal around it, roofers install a plumbing mat. Although these are watertight, over time they get weather-worn, and an ambitious critter can get his way in through there.

 – Chimneys : If your chimney isn’t properly protected, squirrels and other critters will let you know about it.

 – Roof Soffits : Where the overhang of your roof rests on top of an adjacent roof, there’s a great spot underneath there for a little guy to sneak his way in.

 – Decks & Porches : Your deck provides perfect shelter for all creatures great and small. And from underneath there, they can make their way further into your home without their entrance being spotted.

Whether you have problems with a raccoon, a squirrel, or even an armadillo, we help ensure that the problem is solved and stays solved. Don’t invite animals back into your home. Instead, let us take the necessary steps to keep animals away for good.